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The xAPI Users Group is a not-for-profit association that promotes the use of the Experience API (xAPI) in Australia. We hold regular events and provide our members with resources and assistance to implement this technology. Through sharing information our members help one another to implement leading edge learning in organisations across Australia.

Our Mission is to help Australia’s Learning and Development community to achieve their business goals. We support our members as they deploy xAPI technology empower and develop their teams.

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Upcoming Events

July, 2020

xAPI free webinar series
Coming up...
Megan Torrance,
Chief Energy Officer
Stay tuned... this event promises to be a blockbuster!"

10thJuly, 2020

xAPI free webinar series
Drinking the xAPI Cool Aid.
Chris Tompkins,
Director of Sales
Rustici Software
Hear from the inventors of xAPI Rustici Software as Chris tells us "Why I’m Passionate about xAPI" More

8th July, 2020

xAPI free webinar series
Course Authoring with xAPI.
Dr. Paul Schneider,
SVP Businesss Development
DominKnow Software
What difference does a great xAPI enabled authoring tool make to an LRS Out of the box? More

Recent Events

6th May, 2020

xAPI free webinar series
The Experience API (xAPI) for beginners.
Peter Hawkins,
Managing Director
Global Vision
According to the 70:20:10 model, most trainers only ever analyse what learners are doing ten percent of the time... More

Industry News

Due to the Covid19 distancing policy, the AITD2020 conference went virtual but the level of intreest in Peter Hawkins' and Megan Torrance's presentations on xAPI was terrific. Clearly there are a lot of organisations in Australia now with plans in place to implement xAPI. Membership of the xAPI User Group nearly doubled as a direct result of the event! Well done everyone.

ADL has announced that an xAPI Profile server will be released later this year. This is part of an ongoing effort to standardise xAPI and discussion notes are Available online. Interested parties are encouraged to apply to join a topic squad and contribute to this effort.

Featured Article

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In this session we're going to the source. Rustici Software is the inventor of the revolutionary xAPI protocol, and their passion for what they do is truly infectious!

We are pleased to have the opportunity to welcome Chris Tomkins to our free webinar series to hear why it is that xAPI is such a revolutionary and exciting adventure.

xAPI was created by people who love learning and love teaching and who are passionate about the opportunities that come with the unchaining of that process from the constrainsts imposed by legacy approaches.

Learn the thinking behind the development of xAPI itself and why it is that this sigle development is set to transform the way we all learn

If you only attend one webinar this year, this is it...

There is an enormous difference between the xAPI capabilities of the different authoring tools. Even those tools that have xAPI capabilities do not always do anything with xAPI that we don't already get with SCORM.

This session promises to be fun! Together we'll see what happens when you put a properly xAPI enabled authoring tool and an LMS into the pot and bring it to the boil...

One of the most popular presenters at last year's ATD conference in Washington DC, Paul is engaging and full of great practical tips and tricks. He also happens to be one of the most experienced xAPI eLearning experts in the world today.

Paul has promised to show us actual courses sending actual data to actual LRSes and generating actual reports in real time. Don't miss this free opportunity to experience first hand the future of online learning.

According to the 70:20:10 model, most trainers only ever analyse what learners are doing ten percent of the time. For years we’ve wanted to know more about people’s actual experiences as they learn on the job or interact with their peers. That’s where the Experience API comes in.

  • Imagine a world where the barista who made you that perfect latte was automatically recognised because something took note when you clicked the happy face on that iPad at the counter…
  • Imagine if something detects coffee being burned and automatically sent a ten second “tips for not burning coffee” to a trainee’s phone instantly.
  • Imagine if that trainee processed a refund on that burned coffee and something gave the trainee credit for processing their first refund correctly.
  • Imagine if that trainee, having looked at the short video went on to make a better cup for the next customer and something reported that this particular piece of learning generated a fifteen percent improvement to performance, and delivered a $73 bottom line improvement to the shop each day?

The Experience API lets us support our staff while they perform their jobs – it tells us what training works and how to improve it. It tells us the ROI from our training to support our programmes and ensures that microlearning is delivered at the right instant to those who most need it. 

In this session we’ll explain how xAPI achieves all this in a non-technical way. Participants will look at practical real-world applications and explore the potential for xAPI in their own workplaces and how to go about setting up a trial on a shoestring.

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